Monday, March 31, 2008

Breakfast, I love you!

I love breakfast. I sat down to eat a grapefruit today after a sweet sweet bowl of granola, and I realized that I never miss breakfast. I cannot recall the last time I skipped my morning meal. Even when I got up early last weekend at 3 AM to go to Arizona, I still made time to eat breakfast. Not some granola bar on the go breakfast, but a bowl of cereal and some fruit, possibly toast. And while camping, what I always look forward to is a bacon and eggs campfire breakfast. Even if it means being a little late to class, I still take that precious time for breakfast. Oh breakfast, you give me energy and I love you! When I meet a girl I love as much as breakfast, I will know that I love her too; and when I am willing to give up breakfast for a girl, she's the one.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Cut My Own Hair

So I woke up. Downloaded a bunch of new music. Filled up my iPod shuffle. Went running. Did sit ups and push ups. Walked in the bathroom. And hated what I saw. I got a haircut at Paul Mitchell that I've never really been that pleased with. I asked them to thin my hair, and they did, but yet the hair on the top of my head has this inability to lie down. It just wanted to spring up. I don't know what Paul Mitchell did.

Anyways, I took measures in to my own hands. One time in the past I had gotten a haircut, possibly one of the best I have ever received from Lisha's friend, Jocelyn. Basically she just cut out random chunks of hair around my head to just alleviate the crazy thickness that is my hair. So I followed the example of my idol, Britney Spears, and decided to cut my own hair.

I used the pictured technique above. I just jabbed and cut portions of my hair around my head. The back was hard... in fact I don't quite know what it looks like. But I think everything else turned out really good. So congratulations to me for cutting my own hair with scissors.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

St. Patrick's Day Karaoke

What did I learn this past St. Patrick's Day? Well, I learned that Karaoke turns Stephen, Lisha, Whitney, Tara, Lanni, and I into drunken Asian businessmen. So basically we become half Irish... the drunk half... except we didn't drink... but most of us wore green so basically we're Irish. So "how did this event go down?" you ask. Well, let me tell you. Highlights included The Waitresses' "I Know What Boys Like", Britney's "(Hit Me Baby) One More Time", Simon and Garfunkel's "Sound of Silence", and, possibly the karaoke's finest hour, Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the U.S.A.".

In other news, Lent ends this Sunday. Possibly many of you don't know, but I have been on YouTube Lent. Quite honestly, it has been fantastic! I hope that I will be able to keep it up after Lent. It was part of an amazing agreement between Lisha and I that I would give up YouTube and she would give up VH1. I think Lent will be become a yearly staple for me from now on, along with St. Patrick's Day karaoke. Hmm... I'll probably have to think up things to spice up other "second-tier" holidays (i.e. Martin Luther King Day, Queen Victoria Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Remembrance Day, etc...). And, by the way, congratulations to Jeff for being the must cuddle-up-able.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Looks like somebody has a case of the mondays...

So I've been working for over a month now and my cubicle is still bare as the day I moved in. It's depressing. I need to put some stuff up to make it look more cozy but I don't want to go overboard. Maybe a few pictures, a couple of books, I don't really know. So I'm asking for suggestions. Take a gander at the pictures and feel free to offer up suggestions on how I can make my boring cubical into something more to look at. 

Written at Denver Airport: The Bad Boy Short Story

Finally, I am getting my due respect. As the recent poll suggests, I am now the bad boy. I am the rugged, complex, and mysterious figure of the group. Now don't get me wrong, secretly I'm a book worm with a high IQ. All my teachers want me to go to college, but I just can't leave my dad all by himself. Ever since Mom died, I have felt like my dad needs me in the automotive shop working alongside him.

This is why I mainly keep to myself at school. I don't want people to realize who I really am because then they'll make me feel bad for hiding my gifts. I usually hide my blossoming inner talent by finding reasons to get angry and fight kids. That way people think less of me, and leave me alone.

However, even deeper down inside, I'm just waiting for that bland, plain, shy girl (let's call her Heather) to win me over and prove those popular blonde cheerleaders wrong. We'll get stuck together on a school project about Socrates. At first I just suggest we just work alone and then come back together, but instead she insists I come over to her house to work on it. Her family is so nice, at first I act like a jerk but then I realize that I hurt Heather's feelings and apologize and we work on the project the next day. It goes really well, in the course of events she discovers a letter from Harvard in my drawer and asks "What is this?". I reply "Oh it's nothing, just put it back". I try to grab it from her, but she runs outside closes the door. "Hey this is an acceptance letter to Harvard, with a full ride scholarship" she exclaims.

Then I will begin to explain that nobody can know about it, for the reasons explained earlier (i.e. my lonesome Dad). I beg her not to tell anyone. She eventually agrees. However, the next day at work in the automotive shop my dad confronts me about the letter. Heather told her! I get angry and storm out of the shop. Heather finds me near Goose Lake, throwing rocks. She asks "Why, why are you so afraid of leaving." Through my man-tears I reply "I'm afraid of failing. I'm afraid of failing dad. Afraid of failing Mom. But I'm most afraid of failing you." Then she says "Then go. Go to college. Live your dreams." Of course we end up kissing. Screen darkens. Credits roll.

Friday, March 7, 2008

People Watching at Airports

There a two odd things I love about flying. First, I love looking through the Sky Mall catalogue. I do not think you can find better reading. Where else can I find adult-sized jammies, a USB-powered coffee mug heater, a litter-box hidden unobtrusively hidden inside a pot plant, a luggage set especially used by golf pros, or a hearing aid that looks like a bluetooth headset so the hearing impair can look "young" and "cool"? In addition, the picture of the lady sleeping with a pillow that allows you to lie face down gets me EVERYTIME. I don't know what it is, I just find it funny.

The other thing I love is people watching. I think I especially love observing Airline employees. Whether it be the black woman driving a golf cart-type vehicle with black trousers that look like they have been painted on, or whether it be lady at the gate who has a wicked femullet:

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I've got the "sad cuz I haven't sang the roommate blues in a while" blues...

I don't know what happened to me when I moved but I just didn't/don't have the desire to do much when I get home from work. I just feel like relaxing and reading a book. I don't even watch TV anymore. But the one thing I really haven't done in a while is play the guitar. I've picked it up a time here or there but I really just didn't feel like playing. Then something change this past week that made me want to strap up the old guitar and play. I started listening to the blues again. I picked up John Mayall's Bluesbreaks album a couple of weeks ago and it inspired me to go looking for my other blues albums.  Pretty much all I've been listening to the past couple of weeks is the blues. Well that and all the music that Whitney has been sending me. But As I've been listening to the blues it makes me want to pick up my guitar and play again. The only downside is I don't have Stephen and Jeff to sing the blues while I play. But for now I'll deal with these "sad cuz I haven't sang the roommate blues in a while" blues and get my blues skills better so when I do see Stephen and Jeff we can play some roommate blues. So Stephen and Jeff better get a practicing.  

Monday, March 3, 2008

New Caledonia don't need no leap year!

I have a calendar of New Caledonia that a family over there sent me awhile back hanging up in my room. Its really a beautiful calendar with lots of nice pictures of the island in it. I enjoy it a lot, yet I started to suspect a little problem with it when everyone started talking about leap year. I didn't remember seeing any 29th of February on the calendar... Then I started getting leap year party invitations and I honestly thought that people were going to pretend a leap year or something because checking again on my New Caledonia calendar, there was no 29th day. Another suspicious thing happened, a friend of mine and I bought tickets to a Vampire Weekend concert on March 31st and I looked on my calendar after purchasing them and then said to him the next day, "ah dude, that's a Sunday." And he then told me that it was definitely a Monday so then I just thought I must've made a mistake. After getting home that day, I checked the calendar again and saw that it definitely was a Sunday, I knew it! "Something queer is going on in the world", I thought. I went on the internet to look at some calendars and then on my phone. After further investigation, I came to the conclusion that yes, leap year was this year and yes, March 31st is a Monday. My calendar was wrong! When I realized that, it was like exiting an alternate dimension! It was pretty ace, and the sad thing is that I only realized this after leap year day. The 29th passed me by without me even knowing it. Crazy... However, this is just another great reason that I love New Caledonia. It doesn't matter what day it is. And as the saying goes in New Cal, casse pas la tĂȘte...

Eagle vs. Shark

I seriously apologize for the lack of updates coming from my direction. What can I say? I feel like I haven't done anything super significant. Well, I'm going to dig down deep and just do a little note here. Well, I got a Netflix membership. Do I recommend it? Definitely. I got the plan where I can get an unlimited number of DVDs a month one-at-a-time. It's great because I don't have to wait in line at Redbox and I am also able to relive classics that Redbox does not even carry... holy crap, okay you can stop reading now I'm putting myself to sleep with this post. I feel like I'm writing for the Daily Universe about a brand new restaurant ("Craving that New York style hot dog off the street? Well take a walk to J-Dawg's blahblahBLAH"). Now excuse me while I let my younger brother feed me off his dining plus and impress the freshmen girls with my maturity. Oh ya, the picture above is from "Eagle vs. Shark". It is a good flick, check it out!