Thursday, February 26, 2009

Travailler plus pour devenir bĂȘte

I was reading "Le Monde" today, a popular french newspaper, and I came across this headline. Loosely translated, it reads, "Work more to become stupid." I love France.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shaq, I think we shouldn't be friends

Dear Shaq,

We both moved to Arizona about the same time. It's pretty nice here, huh? Summers are hot, but you have to love the mid-70 winters, right? It's not as humid as Orlando or Miami. Plus, don't you remember Los Angeles? The city is full of fakers. One day you're sleeping on a giant circular bed with superman logos plastered all over your bedroom, the next you're in the gutter. But we made it.

However, Shaq. I think our friendship has run its course. We have been Twitter friends for a few days now. Things have been going well, but then someone showed you how to upload photos to twitter using your google phone, and now you update 12 times a day. Plus you forget to use vowels... all the time. I mean what is this:


Don't get me wrong, you had your good posts, like this riveting discussion about movies:


And what about that hilarious time we had in that... ha ha! Well, I'll just let you tell the story:


L-O-L indeed! But Shaq, you have to face it. We have drifted apart... plus you're a Leprechaun-racist. Has Obama taught you nothing! You gave him your shoes!


So it's over Shaq, just go. Leave me! Don't turn around. Don't look back...don't... speak... I know what you're thinking... and I don't need you're reasons... don't tell me cause it hurts.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Power deodorant and the Great Aloha Run

Power. What does power smell like? According to deodorant makers, power smells like awesome. Why did I buy it? Because it was the cheapest one. Ideally, I would like to purchase no-smell deodorant. Side story that happened in Victoria during my month long construction work escapade. My brother Jacob and I were eating at a family's house from the local ward and the conversation turned to odors. They were talking about how there was a lady in the ward that was really sensitive to odors and how she had really bad reactions around perfume and strong-smelling deodorant. Then the tone got pretty serious and someone said, "Well, the odor industry is a dying industry anyway. Pretty soon everything will be odorless." Then everyone nodded their heads looking shamefully at their plates. Really? I had my doubts, but then I saw a commercial a couple days later about a new Nivea deodorant that was... odorless. If you have any stocks in the odor industry, please sell. End side story.

So anyways, my deodorant purchase. I really like this deodorant. I often smell my armpits when I'm sitting at my desk in the library and even sometimes while on my bike waiting for a green light. I had a chance to really use my deodorant yesterday during the Great Aloha Run, which leads to another story.

I was doing the Great Aloha Run (an 8 mile run for cancer I think, or maybe it was TBA), and right after starting I heard this mother speaking to her son who was running behind my little group. She said, "just follow the big guy the whole way." I thought, oh man, I don't think this kid will be able to follow me for 8 miles. To my humble surprise he stayed behind me! His little legs were sprinting the whole 8 miles! And this is the more impressive part of the story. When there was a little under a mile left, he started sprinting! His mom asked me to follow him and keep him in my sight. So I ended up sprinting after him and we sprinted side by side the whole way right across the finish line! I almost threw up, but the kid was so happy! He was just smiling and jumping up and down giving me high fives while I tried not to puke all over him.

By the way, I didn't puke. I actually chowed down 3 packs of donuts, 4 bananas, and 5 energy bars at the free food station several minutes after finishing. I gotta get my money's worth.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Personalized Licensed Plates

Oh man, Lisha and I are sooooo sore. Although both of us work out regularly, we woke up last morning feeling sore everywhere after going to this weight class together. We were at a group date thing last night, when we got a call from Lisha's sister, Jen, that she had arrived in glorious Mesa, AZ. Thus we left the group date early in the midst of home games, and ran to the car.

This "running to the car" consisting first of a few good strides but it quickly turned into limping. We were both laughing at each other because we both started to "run-limp" at the same time. Anyways, I could not leave without taking a picture of the truck that was parked in front of us...

I can not hold it anymore. Arizona has an irrational amount of people driving around with ridiculous license plates. I can't put my finger on why there are so many here. I have never actually met the actual people that own these vehicles, but I found an accurate description such car owners would appreciate...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


It is hard to think of something more irrelevant than the Grammy Awards. Have I been under a rock this whole year? But I did not even know Kid Rock put out an album or was even alive, and yet he is nominated for "Best Male Pop Vocal Performance".

At the same time I am not complaining. Music thrives in the underground. It is more cultural. It is fashion and style. It is fads and trends. You can't award this type of stuff. The record of the year was awarded to Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, but I promise you the work of even a small group like YACHT (basically a guy and a girl rapping over computer made music) will be more influential than this Grammy winner.

So, basically the Grammy awards still intrigue me, only because I have no idea how they even choose nominees. I see no rhyme, and no reason. It is a waste of a good night of television.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Well well...

I just thought I would write a quick post because something momentous has just happened. Every blog post on this front page of our blog is written by me. I have mixed feelings about this. Of course, the accomplishment means a lot, but it also means it has been forever since I have read hilarious posts from Michael, Stephen, and Jeff.

However, the blog is far from dead. If you look at the list on the right. You will notice that the Mesa/Chronicles of Jitta blog has not been updated since "Happy (Belated) Valentines Day". But for some reason when you click that link the blog post is missing...

Well in celebration of this momentous event. Please witness the greatest moment of cinema! It is from the epic "Once Upon a Time in the West":

Monday, February 2, 2009

Couples Only Skate!

So Lisha and I had a big moment this past weekend... our first couples date. It consisted of dinner at a restaurant called something like "Barnyard Grill" and then a round of Wii Sports at the house of one of the couples who were with us (there were 3 couples).

Okay, now that I have used the word couples a million times, let me talk about the night. Okay, Barnyard Grill sounds worse then what it actually was like. It was actually really cool. The food was of course just classic American comfort food (burgers, pizza, milkshakes), but the place had a clean look and we were able to eat outside under a heater because I cannot deal with the freezing cold 60 degree temperature at night...Anyways, the highlight of the night, other than being the oldest couple yet shortest married, was the BATHROOM. You know the show "Thunderbirds"? The one with the puppets? Well, it was playing non-stop above the urinal and the action figures were in various spots by the mirror and above the toilet. Great idea! Here's some pictures:

Then we played the Nintendo Wii. It was my first time. I've played Rock Band on the Wii but I have never used the motion sensor controllers to do stuff. It was pretty fun... except if I boxed with Lisha in real life I would totally win.