Sunday, August 31, 2008

Law... I am the law

It's been a while, I know you have all been missing the random Stephen posts about bugs on windshields and being a boat hand. I have ventured into law school and have commenced my studies in the field of law. Everything so far has been quite interesting and it has been both a humbling and a learning experience, I must say! The legal field varies greatly and the options that lay before me seem extensive! It is wonderful! Indeed! The work is hard and the studies endless, but this is the path I chose and I intend to follow this path free of regrets of what could have been.
I feel like I was writing a letter back in the olden days, they sure had good letter writing skills. So polite and correct. Law school is tooooons of work! Just like I expected. And this time around, I HAVE to do the reading. It's not like doing an undergrad where you can get by without reading or using wikipedia as your textbook (which I did for History of Creativity and I rocked that class by the way, all thanks to Wikipedia). Hawai'i is off the hook! I must admit, being in the library all the time can get depressing when I think of what is outside and what I could be doing. I am however going to purchase a bike so I can take short breaks inbetween studying to go to the beach. The ocean is only a mile or so from the school, but the nice less crowded beaches are about 3. So I figure on a bike that'll take me maybe 20 minutes or so, we'll see. The people are great. My roommates are two freshmen, and they're nice guys. Fresh out of High School!
Yesterday, I went to a Tongan dance, and it was the bomb! There was such a variety of music and tons of food of course. There are two other members in the school with me. They are both from Hawai'i and they are really great.
Tonight was pretty random, I went to a really top body surfing beach (the waves were enormous!) and on the bus ride back I started talking to this girl with the biggest fro and then she ended up coming over to our place and having dinner with my roommates and I because she actually lives just right around the corner. It was a merry old time! So random. One other thing I like about Hawai'i is that there are no hipsters or 'indie people'! Fantastic!
I wanted a picture for the post so I searched lawyer and this was the first picture that came up. Funny eh!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Great Beard Experiment!

So the past 3 weeks I have been growing my beard. It has been a wild adventure filled with excitement and tough challenges. I have tried my best to keep it clean, but I have finally reached the stage at where I need some sort of trimming kit to keep my mustache from tickling my lips and my inability to connect my mustache to my beard is indelibly frustrating. So I am going to shave it off.

So basically I thoght it would be fun to try out some different styles. Do you guys have any good ideas? I only have three that I want to try out. First: I want to shave REALLY long side burns and keep a mustache and chin beard. Second: I want to shave off the side burns and just leave a mustache. Third: I want to do a Hitler mustache. Possible fourth: Try out the the Utah young husband at UVSC look which just involves a chine beard circling up into my mustache.

I wanted to try out a chin beard, like an Amish guy, but then that pretty much leaves everything else out on my list. So many difficult options.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ah, the good old days in the library.

I feel like I'm back at Brigham Young University. I can remember many a weekday and weekend night holed up on campus. Those were the good old days. Well, now they are back. It is almost 11:00PM here in Arizona, and I am hard at work in the library.

You probably ask yourself, "Hey, then why are you blogging you slacker?" Hey, isn't a guy deserving of a study break now and again?

Well, you should have all seen me in the anatomy lab today. I saw dead bodies everywhere! We were folding back there rib cages and feeling their guts. Once again I am going to sound like a complete newbie, but I never knew how packed full of organs our bodies are. I always thought that our organs had room to breath. Nope, pretty much everything is squished together. Our liver is HUGE! Fat just lines everything around that organ, and when they do a gastric bypass they make your stomach the size of a golf ball.

The anatomy lab smells. I know you're probably getting sick of my school posts. I'm sorry. There is nothing else going on in my life... except for Lisha! Can I just admit that I love this lady? I am coming to Provo Labor Day weekend, so hopefully anybody back in Provo will catch me.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wait, wait, wait... you want me to find the superior PUBIC ramus?

Today was a good day. I got feel a man's testicles and a woman's breast. Oh wait, I forgot to say they were manufactured objects to help us, the medical students, learn how to feel in the diagnosis process. Needless to say this provides a good introduction to my amazing day.

Now as a doctor, you are going to have to feel up a lot of people, and be looking at a lot of niddly bits. So, as was explained today in medical skills, the instructor bluntly said "In a way, we are here to desensitize you, so when you ask to check the sexual organs of a man or woman, you can do so confidently."

The mere fact that I call them niddly bits shows me that I'm ready.

Another thing we did today was feel up each other in class. Okay, I mean find focal points on the body that allow you to base looking for bones, muscles and stuff on the body. For example, go from the mastoid process, down to the styloid process, to the back of the neck and you find your C2 vertabae.

However the highlight, is that the right word, of today was getting dangerously close to my lab partner's manly bits when the doctor told us to move our hand down from the navel to the superior PUBIC ramus. I don't know if you want to find this on yourself, but if you move your fingers down from your navel you'll find a ridge (before you get to your privates) that helps you get familiar with the pelvic bones. Did you feel it on yourself? Probably not, let me tell you... way way way low. I mean talking to the bishop low if this was done in a non-medical setting.

And then. my lab partner had to find... the ridge. on. me. In all actuality though, today was really fun. It's nice to be surrounded by a bunch of dedicated students who actually want to learn... and touch each other. Did I mention I also had to find the sacrum (way down on the butt) of my lab partner too?

Monday, August 11, 2008

What can you do? Medicine is not a science!

Just in case some of you guys don't believe I'm actually in medical school, I decided I should post a picture of me getting white-coated. Yep, yep, yep. I'm moving on up in this world.

But somehow I have this sinking feeling. A few years ago I received a distinct impression that I should choose a different career path: a mountain man. This was around the point when I had not kissed a girl for two years. I decided that celibacy was not that much of an unrealistic proposal for me. Plus, I felt confident that I could survive in cave. With just my wit and MacGyver-like ingenuity to bail me out of cold nights and bear fights.

But you know what, sometimes you just have to look at what your majored in and make a realistic choice. That's what I did. So I just had my first day of REAL class... not too bad. But at the same time it was, because you know when you had those moments in biology when you were just like "Wait, wait, wait... are we speaking English or Latin."

Michael, Stephen, Lisha (my boo), Tara, Emma, Jeff, and to all those who read this blog. I miss you. I wish you were here. Sads. However, I have left you all a gift! My music. I've updated my muxtape! Also, I was so psyched when I saw Mike had posted me as Dr. Spaceman (Spa-Che-Man). He is one of my favorite characters on TV.