Wednesday, August 4, 2010

take this brain!

This is SO much better than Lisha's dorm room 11-inch television. Seriously. When you have to run up to the screen and read aloud the subtitles to everyone else watching... your screen might be too small. However, I still feel like a sell out. When you buy a plasma television, you can't deny that some how you have become the "consumer". Right? It is a luxury. Totally, unnecessary.

But it feels... so good.

I love movie nights so much more! It looks and sounds SO much better. It was totally worth passing out while I sold my blood for autoimmune research.

Yep. That's how I bought it. I sold my body for research. I also did garden work. I sold old textbooks. And I put all the money I made in a jar; old school. Just like when I bought my Sega Genesis. By the way, I totally recommend this slush fund jar method. It is amazing how much money you can make when you just start looking around for odd ways to make it. And then you put it in your jar.

Double rainbow. Full on all the way.

Monday, August 2, 2010

lost touch with the common man

Have we lost touch with you... the common people? It is as though we have a protective shell around us, like a hermit crab or a mermaid booby.

I know, I know… It has been forever. You probably thought this blog was going to end up like so many others. The one's where there is only one post that goes like "Well, I thought I would give blogging a chance. I'm going to write my day to day observations and my opinions on current events and post interesting links to blah blah blah"... and then there is nothing else.

Not so my beloved homeboys and homegirls. Where do I even start!? So much has happened.

Let's see. Well, the National Board of Osteopathic Medicine thinks I'm good enough to be a doctor (suckers). It looks like my "internet fast" worked... okay confession I totally used the internet for non-test purposes... okay another confession I totally got really good at this flash game called ragdoll tennis. But still I passed my first of many board examinations that I will take throughout my life... wait, why am I doing this again? To help people, ah crap.

What else? Well, after I took my test I retreated to the Motherland: Canada. Lisha loved it there so much that she said, and I quote, "Sure it's nice now, but it's so freaking cold in the winter." You here that Mom? She totally wants to live in Winnipeg! But for reals, in Canada we be dining on crab and sipping on sum sizzurip... Three 6 Mafia reference.

What else? Say what! My family was in the Emerald City! Including my elegible bachelor broseph that just got home from his Latter-Day Saint missionary work in Denmark. Highlights: clams and linguini, new Brooks Brother bathing suit not purchased by me (fist clenched. eyes closed. "yesssss"), and having my family visit us.

What else? North Carolina! Yes, and if you're wondering, I did take my shirt off, twist it around my hand, and spinned it like a helicopter. Once again, with the family. Where do I even start? Basically, it is a constant barrage of fun. I get to act like a kid. For example, my brothers and I dig ginormous holes at beach. One of our aunts was like, "Why do you guys do this?" And we were like, "We do it for the little cousins because they love playing in them."... but mostly, it's for us. We love digging them, getting buried in them, and pretending like we're digging trenches in WWI in Lille, France. And we would reach China if it we could somehow avoid hitting water. Okay fine, and the little cousins love the holes as well.

And now we're back in Seattle. Sun kissed skin, so hot we'll melt your popsicle.