Friday, January 7, 2011

new year, new website

At some point I'm going to have this page redirect you to... REPLACEMENTFRIENDS.COM!!! I have uploaded every single post from this blog to the new website.

Here's the announcement I put on the new website:
Lisha gave me a couple great Christmas presents. First, a pair of manly boots. Secondly, she bought me my own website. This website. The one that you are currently on:

I am so excited! It is something I have always wanted to do. So now let’s talk about the changes.

First, you will notice that I have moved the blog from blogger to tumblr. Second, you may notice that I have usurped the blog from Michael, Stephen, and Jeffrey. But really… they stopped posting on the blog like a year ago. Plus they can still post on this one… and so. can. you!

This is a feature I am very excited about! Anyone visiting this blog can be a replacement friend! Just click “become a replacement friend” and you can then post a thought, link, picture, video… anything. Then it will get sent to me for my approval and voila: you are replacement friend-ed!

Another feature I am excited about is “ask me a question”. Let’s say I don’t post enough to your liking. Just click ask me a question I will be emailed your question, to which I promise to respond, and it will become it’s very own blog post.

So Merry January everybody and a Happy New Year!

So go on over to!