Monday, March 29, 2010

stare at the dot

Blogger is being weird, so you might have to click on the picture to get it to work. But it's cool and so worth it.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

we lost.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

throw me the rock, i'm in the paint

Tomorrow, the real March Madness will begin... the Renton Stake Basketball Tournament brought to you by the LDS church. Is there anything greater than watching the elder's quorum president spew profanities while he simultaneously fellowships the non-member 6'7" ringers?

Nay. There is nothing greater.

I have a confession about my team. We haven't won a single game. We have come close... but close does not win games. At first I thought, maybe when we get our uniforms we'll play more like a team. Well we got our uniforms, and I think it certainly helped us become a team (i.e. recognize each other on the court)... but the only sizes we got were XL, XXL, XXXL and... wait for it... XXXXL.

Needless to say, on a team where the average height is 5'8", we look like where are playing dress up in Daddy's clothes.

So what we are going in winless? That just means our win will be that much more awesome. Hopefully we are not playing the team with the median age of 45... because daaaaaang they know the fundamentals. The pick and roll so much it is like an ballet.

Hopefully we are not playing the team that has 5 awesome players and 5 bad players. I call that our accordion game. The awesome 5 would go in and they would be ahead by 15. Second string comes in, we close the gap to 3 points. First string in, 15 points. Second string in, 3 points.

Hopefully we are not playing the team with that ultimate two-face douche. You know the guy. He's swearing it up. Getting angry when you call fouls on him. BUT then after the game he's acting like your buddy, and complimenting you on specific moments in the game where you did particularly well. Little does he know... I KNOW I'm already totally awesome.

So throw me the rock. I am about to own this game!

P.S. I might even unveil something I haven't busted out since Junior High... the two hand slap-backboard lay up (Stephen will understand this).

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

from far and wide

Yes. We made it. We won the only gold medal that mattered. Yes. It feels so good. In fact I was so proud, I grew a copper red hair in my beard (true story). Yes. I have been growing a beard off and on... all the time. I grow it. Then it bugs me and I shave. I like what I have going on, and I'm glad Lisha doesn't mind.

So what is up! I'm sure you didn't come here hoping to read about Canada and my beard. But maybe you did. How about this? So as you read on Lisha's blog she received a glowing evaluation from work. I was so happy for her. It is so awesome! So we went out to celebrate. We probably took an hour to find a place we both wanted to go to. But what did we find? We found noodles. Delicious noodles!

So good. So good, that we had to go again on Monday for take out. Trust me, this is very new for us. We eat out maybe once every two weeks. This place was just THAT good. Mmm, mmm, mmm!

Oh ya, it's called "In the Bowl". It has a billion glowing reviews on the internet. And they deserve it, BIG TIME. So next time any of you are in town we will take you there.

That reminds me. We need visitors. We miss everyone so much. I know, I know. It is probably our turn to visit you.

Wait hold on a second, this post is sounding like a married blog post. I was about to write about how we're looking for a new place to live. Yikes! How boring is that? Okay new direction.

So, I am playing church basketball. It is SO much fun. We totally have not won a single game. BUT it is never a blow out. Our games are usually really close. It is a little heartbreaking, but the league is really chill. There is a definite lack of the BYU douche-hards that would play intramural ball.

Maybe we would have more succes though if I started to get more in their face. Like, during the last game I totally stuffed this guy. But afterwards... I didn't do anything. I just went down to the other side of the court to play offense. But what, I should have done was wave my "Mutombo" finger. Or at least, yelled "Not in MY house!".

And maybe when I score a basket, I should leave my hand in the air as I back-skip-pedal down to our defensive end. Maybe some chest bumping. Maybe I should just full on rip my shirt off after I get a rebound.

I mean, these are all good ideas. So word to your mother, and enjoy the music I am posting below this. Maybe you will find some new gems for your collection. They are are totally downloadable! Just right-click and save as!

Local Natives "Wide Eyes"
Beach House "Silver Soul"
Grizzly Bear "Two Weeks"
I'm From Barcelona "UHOH"
Friendly Fires "Paris"