Monday, September 28, 2009

Family Meeting! We're having a family meeting!

Okay, hold the phone! Lisha and I just watched the best thing ever. Wait for it. Troll 2. You can watch the whole thing at Hulu. I feel like I'm going to ruin the whole movie for you by showing you the end here, but... the ending is... how should I put this... CINEMATIC GOLD!

To quote from Wikipedia: "Joshua passes on the instructions he got from Seth and together they defeat Creedence and the goblins by touching the Magic Stone... and concentrating."

And just to give the clip some more sense, the goblins and their queen are AVID vegetarians. Kind of like Emma. In fact, this movie totally reminds me of Emma.

and... oh my goodness... so awesome... this

Sometimes I know people would like to read a new post on the blog, but I don't have anything to really construct a decent post about. So instead I'll share a few songs that have caught my attention lately.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


During Junior High, Stephen joined one of those music clubs where you get like 12 CDs for a dollar. And he's one of the few who dutifully followed the instructions from the records company to the absolute last period. He got 12 CDs for one penny + shipping/handling.

Among the Sheryl Crow, Marcy Playground, Hootie and the Blowfish, Counting Crows, and Joan Osborne... Stephen managed to order both Radiohead's "The Bends" and "OK Computer".

I remember listening to them the first time. I was confused. I was really into the Smashing Pumpkins at the time and I guess I was looking for straight ahead rockers like "Quiet" or "Bullet with Butterfly Wings".

And wait, before I lose you. I'm not saying Radiohead was revolutionary. All I'm saying is that after two listens, I probably went to sleep listening to Radiohead between Grade 9 and my freshmen year at BYU... every. single. night.

I know some of the people that read this blog experienced the same thing, right? What were your favourites? In the high fidelity tradition (corny lame), here are my top 5 (I have been sitting down by Lisha sharing this exact top 5):

1. Bulletproof... I wish I was
2. Nice Dreams
3. Let Down
4. No Surprises
5. Paranoid Android

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Thanks to the support of Richard and the generosity of the Bluth family I have overcome TBA. I need to keep fighting but I think I've made a big stride today.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Jeff is right!

Jeff is right! He left a very poignant comment. Although playing Tetris on nintendo was great... there has to be something better. Of course, I have already learned that being married to the beautiful Lisha Wood. But can even greater things happen for the both of us? Yes.

Case in point. I am going to share with you a dream. A dream that died once. But not without learning many a great lessons. The dream, which is dead, is pictured below:

This is my 1982 Honda Sky. It has a cool 49cc... of raw horsepower. I bought it for $240 off of Craigslist. And between August and October 2007 nothing made me happier. Then it broke. It was hard to work on in the Winter. Then in Spring of 2008 I fixed it again... well Carina's connection at the Scooter lounge fixed it. And it was glorious! Then the belt broke. For shame. But an easy fix. Unfortunately, I was heading off to medical school soon and didn't have time to fix it. So I decided to sell it on Craiglists for much less than I bought it. Unfortunately my brother Jacob THREW OUT the centrifugal clutch in the garbage... something I still haven't forgiven him for. And now it is worth dollars.

The lesson I learned. Don't buy a scooter that was made and sold only in Japan and Russia. Buy a scooter that actually was sold in English speaking countries or at least one that you know you can get replacement parts for.

Now for the dream!

Jeff's dream involves France. Mine is this.

Coming home from work, I'm a pediatric endocrinologist. Kissing my wife, Lisha, and whispering something cute in Spanish... because I speak it fluently by then. Getting a big group hug from my 3 sons, and one daughter... Eugene, Fitzgerald, Beauregard, and Veronica. Eating an awesome dinner in big, white, sunken in plate/bowl things. And then working on my old Vespa.

If somehow those things come together. I will be a happy man.

Friday, September 4, 2009

These were golden years men. Golden years.