Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Mustache

I made a lot of new friends on Sunday, thanks to my mustache. So I have been growing my beard. It's a funny story actually. Every time I shave I swear that I won't grow my beard again, because it is itchy and I don't like how it looks with my long hair. But somehow it makes its return, slowly but surely.

Anyways, my mustache. I shaved off my beard and unveiled the mustache. I wish I got a good picture of it. The only picture I got was right before I shaved it off. And I had just got back from playing basketball with some of my classmates. In addition, I had a big shadow around my mustache. Conditions were not perfect.

Anyways, my mustache. So on Sunday, I walked into the chapel and instantly got some weird glances. I'm sure some people hated it (hey I'm not crazy about it either), but what was funny was the amount of guys coming up to me saying things like "Man, I wish I could grow a mustache like that" or "Man, my wife would never let me grow a mustache. Your wife is cool" or "I couldn't stop smiling in church, just thinking about your mustache."

Trust me... my mustache was nothing to boast about. It looked ridiculous... and yet sometimes I liked it. But overall, it wasn't me.. and it didn't look good. I didn't look like Brad Pitt, as I hoped for (I think it is because my figure is more chiseled. Arg! If only I was less chiseled).

So the mustache experiment was a success. By the way, I found the photo above trying to find a cool looking picture of a baseball player with a mustache. Thus I happenstance fell upon the Library of Congress collection of "really old" baseball cards. The pictures are really, really fun to look at.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Oh May. I don't know quite how to say it... so I'll say it in medical spanish: Digame si duele. Respira hondo. Voy a examinar los genitales. ¿No tiene alguna pregunta?

May was always one of my favorite months. The riff raff at BYU would leave for the summer to do sales. The girls who cried in testimony meeting about missing their family would go home. Streets were empty. Pools were begging to be broken into. People wore less clothes. Classes were easier. The weather in Provo was perfect... like it was in Arizona during February.

But this May feels different. I'm in school, and it is still hard. People break into my pool. It's 103 degrees... and old people are wearing less clothes.

Lisha is here, which makes every day fantastic, of course. But I do wish we could transplant our selves to the easy breezy days of Provo living. Here is some music for you to play... for the month of May... I do say.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lisha doesn't read this blog

So you would think that Lisha would read my literary creations... okay blog posts that I write on a whim. When I mentioned to her the ideas of a blog post I had written a a couple weeks ago she was like, "What are you talking about?"

Then I said, "Oh no I have become So-and-So's blog that you never read anymore because it is boring". Then she said, "Actually, I read that one all the time now."

I was so butt-hurt.

You know, I don't know how Carina does it. She updates regularly with interesting and funny posts. I guess I was just not blessed with ability to story tell. Of course, I can relate situations. For example, I was text messaging Lisha about letting me play basketball with my friends. Send. And then I was about to send another with a goopy "I love you so much my twiddle bird. I wan't wait woo wee woo"

But before I sent that text I realized... this was all going to a man. A man sitting on the other side of the classroom. Luckily I caught myself after the basketball message. Phew!

On another note. I don't know if anyone else besides me misses the random thoughts of Stephen about the wonder-ments of the world around us. Or Mike's updates about something cool he has discovered. Or Jeff's updates about how he will never get into law school, or get married.

I know I miss them.

Friday, May 1, 2009

tweet tweet tweet

Why do I like Twitter? When I signed up last year, I thought to myself "This is useless". But there was so much hype that I just needed to check it out. So what has happened as a result: hilarity.

I only follow 5 people on twitter: Lisha, Mike, Whitney, Carina, and Kellen (a friend from medical school). Oh! And Acid house Kings. Unlike Facebook, which has just gotten too "busy" for me I can get my online amusement by reading hilarious and informative updates from a few people.

I like Facebook in that I can still keep in touch with friends from the UK (probably one of the only reasons I'll keep my Facebook account) but really I just don't like all the power I have given Facebook with my information.

Anyways... this is such a bad post. I'm just trying to break the monotony. I always like it when other people update their blogs. And it has been hard for just me to update this blog continually with medical school (which by the way I am really enjoying, in fact I have my microbiology in front of me right now... I just needed a break).