Monday, September 29, 2008

You like... karaoke!?

Karaoke started at some unknown moment in Japan and started to reach American shores in the 1970s, although karaoke did not become very popular until the 90s. Karaoke is fun. I like Karaoke. I was on a bus last week going to a beach pretty close by and I saw some Japanese tourists. They were asking some people where this one landmark was and I told them "I'm going near there, I'll help you." I started talking to them all and then I had this wonderful picture in my mind.... Them, me.....karaoke.
They were struggling with English but we were having a nice conversation anyway and the whole time I was thinking, "how can I make this happen...?" I had a good idea, so I asked them what they did for fun in Japan. They said, "ohhh sopping, par, peach...", and I hinted "kara...", "ooh, karaoke!" Awesome! Then I was thinking of a way to get them all in a karaoke bar with me. I found out they were leaving tomorrow morning so this had to go down soon! We continued talking about karaoke and how much we enjoyed it. Then I asked if they wanted to do karaoke tonight!.... And they all giggled and said they couldn't. Next time...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Best Superbowl Ever!

I can't wait for the Super Bowl! I know this surprises many of you. There must be a catch. There is. Watch the videos to find out THEN click this LINK.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A lasagna... for one

There are probably a lot of you who come to this site for general amusement to pass the day. I thought that I would post a link to a hilarious piece I read on McSweeney's. Here is the LINK.

Friday, September 19, 2008

mormon myth confirmed!

i don't know if christina aguilera was born into a mormon family and i would bet 5-1 that snoop dogg has never read the BOM, but while i was in bucharest this august, i confirmed, with my own eyes and camera, that ricky schroeder is ONE OF US! seeing as you might not know who he is, his credits include 'silverspoons' (the 80's sitcom), 'scrubs,' 'nypdblue,' '24,' and 'scrubs'--to name a few. you can check him out on imdb. he's in romania directing some sort of greek mythology based movie for the sci-fi network.

when i saw him at church i thought, hey, that romanian dude looks like a worn-out version of that guy that was on that 80's show about that rich kid.

my biggest claim to fame remains happening upon the set of mariah carey's music video on the champs-elysees at 3am when i got locked out of my host family's house. again, the evidence (i don't know if she's mormon or not, but i wouldn't put it past her. i could totally see her as a primary chorister):
being back in provo, i haven't seen anyone famous, mormon or not. i finally found an apartment--it's by UVU (not UVSC) and i don't have any roommates yet, but i got a sweet deal on rent. so, if any of the former housemates drop out of med school, law school or engagement, you can come live with me!

Monday, September 15, 2008

To Michael: My American Friend

Well, as we all know it is Michael Lau's birthday. It is hard to know how to correctly honor Michael Lau. Thus, I have written a rap entitled "To Michael: My America Friend".

PAVEMENT! Stones mixed with gravel
We love this Chinese kid like we love Mexisicles
RIDING! In his Donatello Outback
Hanging in the park, try to walk to line of slack
NERDY! He's degreed in Physics
Explains thermostatics, like Chad doing backflips
MUSIC! Yo, his taste is ill
It's like I'm eating coxinhas at Brazil Brasil
MARRIAGE! Whitney's coming up soon
I've seen him semi-naked = lots to look forward too
CAMPING! We've started lots of fires
Mike "Should we go to the top?" Rich "No I'm getting kind of tired"
BETOS! At Fast Sunday Dawn
Man-bonding over plates of Asade Chimichangas

MICHAEL LAU! On this day of flair
I move my hips round, with my hands in the air!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Politics... what politics? What's a politic?

Why do Politicians name call? Why do they bicker like little playground kids? Why can't they just lay down the facts about their policies instead of speaking so incredibly vague? Change! Change! Like probably everyone else, I'm so tired of American politics. Even after following the two parties for quite a bit, I still don't entirely understand what the heck they plan on doing, so right now, I'm leaning towards Obama because he body surfed at Sandy's beach. If you can body surf at Sandy's beach, you can lead America. Did the republicans pick Sarah Palin just so they could call Obama a sexist? No doubt, they must have been waiting for the opportunity.
Honestly, I have no idea what each party is REALLY planning on doing, but my guess is that things won't change much. Prove me wrong people!! Hope in America!!

Oh ya.... my beard pictures!

I forgot to post these. I had some good fun styling my beard a few times before I shaved it completely off. The shaving adventure was furious though! Luckily, I had my Barbersol Beard Buster (no finer shaving cream on the planet) and my Gillete Sensor... not excel (I'm not made of money!).

So without further a do, and without much fan fare or explanation, here are my results of the GREAT BEARD EXPERIMENT! First, the Hell's Angel. Second, the young Utah father. Third, the Mario mustache. Last, the nude.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Garfield - Garfield = Jon

Emma H. turned me on to these most excellent comic strip: Garfield minus Garfield. It's not a completely original comic. It just takes all other characters besides Jon out of the strip. This week they put up two ones that I really wanted to share with you.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

stephen miss friends

I don't want anyone to think that I don't miss you all in Provo because I do! Hawai'i is so sweet but having you all here would make it even sweeter. I miss studying about French stuff too, though I do enjoy studying the dynamics of law. Somehow I will have to combine these two things into one...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Gotta rocket in your pocket? Keep cooly cool boy.

Here is what I REALLY wanna be when I grow up in order. First, a renegade cowboy for hire for whom ever pays right price, but at the same time has a moral compass hidden deep within. Second, I want to be a doctor. Third, I want to be a Jet. No not a Fighter Jet, even though I can draw those really well. I want to be A Jet. I want to snap my fingers, fight dance, and sing my thoughts and words advice to fellow gang members and sometimes to an audience of no one.

Just look at this clip. It is like violent, sexual, and pent up frustration all rolled up into one in everyone single person's face, especially Action as he slams on the car "Easy Action!" So in other words... I wanna BUST!