Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So Lisha went to the dentist yesterday... it was an experience. Just look at what was "hanging" from the ceiling when she went to get 3 cavities filled... click here (kinda NSFW).

Not only that... the whole office was decked out. Pop art every where. Pure whiteness and modern furniture. There were iMacs at the front desk. According to Lisha, it is like they plugged my iPod into the speaker system and pressed play for all there patients.

Did I go into the wrong profession?

The only thing I hear while I'm writing SOAP (subjective. objective. assessment. plan.) notes is the CNA talking in a loud voice to old Mr. Jones (name has been changed for HIPAA), "DID YOU PASS STOOL TODAY... WAS IT LOOSE... WE NEED TO GET A SAMPLE".

And yet... we have this huge advantage over dentists. You know what I'm talking about ladies:

I saw McDreamy and I knew what I wanted to do with my life:
a) constant 5 o'clock shadow (check)
b) live in Seattle (check)
c) yell "Get out of my OR!" (probably will never get to do this because surgery is boring... seriously, if I have to stare at another jejunum for 3 hours...)
d) have a nervous breakdown after a failed clinical trial where I kill dozens of patients (I can only dream)
e) yell at someone named "Karev" (if only people actually had this ridiculous name)
f) get married on a sticky note (already did this... on the sticky note of eternity!)
g) win a malpractice suit against someone who will eventually come back to the hospital to shoot me... and then a resident (preferably Asian female) will save my life by carefully removing a bullet that is just touching my ascending Aorta...

A man can only dream. Except compared to dentists: I am one step closer to living that dream.