Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm sorry, so sorry

I'm sorry that things get so slow on our blog sometimes... it's like one person is the only one posting. So before I get back to studying I thought I would share one thing with you:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Song for April

Happy Earth Day! April fools, everyone knows I don't care about the earth... and yet I do. These conflicting feels finally made sense today as I read THIS ARTICLE from Slate talking about kids who are sick about hearing people harp about the environment but still are very conscious when they litter and when they should recycle.

That's kind of like me... except I have this weird thing where if I put garbage UNDER my car tire so I run over it in reverse it's okay.

But mostly I like recycling and not littering. Before our current apartment we had a recycling bin and I would make sure the recyclables made it in there. Also, I don't like hunting. Also, I want to bring up another environmental issue... or at least I think it is an environmental issue: zoos. I don't like zoos. It's like we're stripping animals of their dignity. They should be running wild.

Probably the environmental issue that gets me most angry is whale hunting. I love Japan, but I really hate that there is a market in Japan for whale. I have no sympathy for whalers, and they can all die.

On another issue, I don't mind seal-clubbing.

To celebrate I put together some music which has been on repeat for me this month. I put it together using an awesome site called 8tracks.com. So in the tradition of Ruth McLean, here is a song for April.

Monday, April 20, 2009

April! April! April! City! City! City!

The City! Although the Phoenix metropolitan area is HUGE... it doesn't feel like a city. It feels like a giant Provo. It doesn't even feel like a Salt Lake. Maybe I'm not looking in the right parts. I mean I am in Mesa. But still, I've been down to Phoenix. But it still doesn't feel like Winnipeg downtown, let alone Los Angeles or New York.

I love Arizona, but to me the whole place is a development. It is comfortable, convenient, and nice looking. I know. These are not bad things. But after a while, you get bored of the same-ness. That's where Seattle and Chicago come in. I don't know if it is just merely being in a new place for a few days, but I love these cities.

Lisha has no idea where she wants to live, maybe San Francisco if any where. But I know where I want to live... and it's several places. It is Seattle, Washington D.C., Salt Lake City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Vancouver... the list goes on. It includes pretty much anywhere in Europe.

I love how everything is available at your fingertips: good shopping, good food, museums, architecture, people, history, public transportation, etc. I don't have to live right in the heart of the city. But I want to at least live near. I thought at one time I could be a farmer. But cross that off my list because I need polluted air and bums asking for change.

Does this post pretty much reveal my whiteness... link.