Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rope Swing!

For the last couple days my brothers and I have been seizing the summer days. Yesterday Stephen was truly inspired to suggest that we find a rope swing. After a quick google search we found the famous rope swing in Mona.

It was incredible! It definitely got the heart racing to climb up the tree which was about 15 feet off the water and stand on this rickety wooden board. Then you just swing!

Here's a picture of Sam about to do a belly flop. Oh ya, I forgot to mention the water temperature. It was cold. Going up to the pond, Stephen said "Guys the water is going to be warm. The article said it would be about 50 degrees this time of year." Our reaction went something like this, "... umm... WHAT! 50 degrees is freezing!"

Here's a picture of me about to do a back flop. The rope swing was absolutely fantastic. As you can see we picked a really sunny day to do it... except replace "really" with "windy" and "sunny" with "dreary".

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fun and Failure both start out the same way

Why? Why? Why have our last posts on the blog been about electron microscope pictures, a wormhole perpetual motion device, and a love for breakfast? Is this what our lives have come to? Science pictures, ridiculous pseudo-science, and an ode to breakfast? Why is it that we are all struggling to write posts like we did before? Are we less fun? The short answer is yes, and from shuffling about in academia I have found why:

The Mike Lau Car Theory:

Ever since Mike left, things have just not been as fun at the house. No more Tetris tournaments, no drumming, less hang out talking... Mike was the glue of the household. However, more importantly... he has a car. I know Jeff has a car, but he always MIA singing in musicals and such. When I was gone, Stephen and Mike hung out and used Mike's car. When Stephen was out with the car, Richard and Mike hung out... and used Mike's car. The lack, NAY the disappearance, of Mike's car has led to less random adventuring because like I'm going to walk... this is America you know.

The Richard + Lisha Theory:

Yes, we are dating and I know what you're thinking... you were thinking "NOOO! Richard's off the market." Trust me, I see it all the time. But don't worry, all of you will survive without me. It had to happen sometime right? To be blunt, I think it's time that all you ladies, and men, just give up the dream of having me and start dating other people. I mean, Whitney Wheeler got the message, and look what happened... she moved on and found Mike. So basically, everyone, you can't just rely on me for fun all the time. I need to spend time in courtship and woo-ing.

The Stephen + Dinner Party Theory:

Stephen is ALWAYS at dinner parties, and eating people's left-overs at restaurants. In fact this activity consumes several nights a week. Where ever there is a polynesian dinner, he is not far away. Evidence of this activity is usually found in our fridge where we find random desserts and sweet meats from the various ethnic dinner parties he attends. The underlying theory to the lack of fun this creates is, of course, the Mike Car Theory, which leaves me stranded and fun-less.

The Jeff Dickamore in General... Theory:

Ya, I know what you're thinking. How can Jeff not be fun? Lots of ways. First he is always singing in musicals or acting in plays, or going to a wedding, or making food for a box social, or back up in Bountiful, or he is attending to Elder's Quorum duties, or studying for school, or going on blind dates that turn out disastrous. However, I have noticed there is a a place you can consistently find him... birthday parties at O'Reilly's home.

Remember to vote in the poll as to which theory is the most credible, and feel free to submit your own in the comments section.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Electron microscope images

About an hour ago I started looking at images from electron microscopes. Why? I just had an itchin' I guess. I found some pretty cool images, including some of smashed bugs taken by a famous German photographer. Check it out HERE. This may be the most lame post ever to be posted on this blog..

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm waiting...for something to come through...

I'm at it once again. I thought I got over this habit a while ago but apparently not. What is this habit you might ask? PROCRASTINATION! Yes yes folks I've been a procrastinator since the day I was born. I've had the past couple of months to work on my capstone project and yet here I am with a week until graduation and I'm still working on my first draft! I can't blame it totally on procrastination though, seeing that my mind and time has been somewhat occupied by a certain lady. I don't know why I do this to myself over and over again. Well on second thought I do. 

I'm going to let you in on my thought process that always puts me back in the same place of cramming to get stuff done. Usually when I get something I have to do, especially if it's not due for awhile, I always think to myself I should get a head start so I won't be doing this at the last second. The thing is when I get a free second to work on it I say to myself "Well I could work on this but...I have plenty of time to get it done and I'd rather go do something else." So I put it off and go do something else. 

As the deadline approaches though I force myself to start on whatever it is. The problem is a couple of mins into whatever it is I usually start thinking in my head "Oh I could be getting so much more done if I was at (insert whatever location I'm not at) instead." So I usually go to that place  and say the same thing there. So once again it gets put off again. 

When it comes down even closer to the deadline I get more done but I get stuck on little things in whatever I'm doing. Let's say it's a paper... I will say to myself "I just need to get this section done before I can move on but... I really don't feel like working on this section. I'll just do it later and then I'll get the rest done." So as always nothing gets done. 

Finally I'm left with the bare minimum of time left to finish whatever it is, sometimes less. That's when I kick into overdrive and get everything done. I guess I just work better under pressure. So the moral of the story if you want me to get something done give it to me with as little time as possible. Oh yeah, also make sure I've taken my ADD medicine as well. 

Friday, April 11, 2008

Worm hole perputual motion device

Today, as I sat in my Creativity 202 class on creativity day watching different students perform creative things, I was inspired by one fellow who presented his 3-D art. It wasn't just any 3-D art, it was 3-D art portraying wormholes. It was utterly... fantastic! Though it only looked like two funnels attached at the narrow end, this man was talking about something that he was crazy passionate about. And the best part is, he's never taken a physics class, all his information came from the internet. After every quote from wikipedia on his powerpoint presentation, he had the words, "Thank you wikipedia-san". Yes!! I learned that a worm hole perpetual motion device is highly plausible, and that one day 3-D art will be the art of choice, replacing all other art. While everyone else composed music that sounded like it came from an efy cd, this guy talked for 15 minutes about 3-D art and wormholes. Fantastic! I was laughing uncontrollably out of tremendous joy exclaiming, "this is quite creative wouldn't you agree!?". Although his presentation took the cake, the midi composition of "When Johnny comes marching home", was a close second.