Wednesday, December 19, 2007

les misérables

I have a 'les mis' shirt that I like to wear sometimes and whenever I do, somebody is bound to tell me, "I love your shirt! That is my favourite play." Than I say I like the play as well. Obviously! I have the shirt! Here is my secret secret though, I haven't even seen the play, read the book, or the cliffnotes. I just got the shirt because my Grandma Wood has a 'Les Mis' sweater that I really like so I bought the shirt at DI. So instead of me saying that I like the play as well when someone makes a comment, maybe I should say, "I love my Grandma".

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Laquina said...

Finally!! Someone else who has no experience with Les misérables. Can I help it if I like to watch rich, pretty people on TV more than surfs on a stage?