Monday, December 17, 2007

the virgin blogger

This is my first post and I have to admit that I'm I thought I would throw in a picture of Juan Carlos Casanova's six toes, and call it a success, cause who can deny the power of a six-toed Dominican? This foot belongs to the same guy that accidentally let a full gallon of chocolate milk drain out in the back of my car. Ole!
What really inspired me to finally write something, besides avoiding my homework, was my blind date today. As I'm writing though I realize that the most awkward situation that possibly could have presented itself is too exquisite to write down in words. If you want to know the story, you're going to have to ask.


Laquina said...

"How much worse can it get then having your date reach across the table grab a hair from your head and start flossing with it?" -When Harry met Sally

Tara Malan said...

For a second I was really impressed by your weird foot, till I saw it wasn't yours. You should have lied and claimed it anyway.

Missy Johnson said...
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Missy Johnson said...

I HATE blind dates.
And I want to hear the story!