Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My only chance to get high, and I blew it

I do not regret my decision to never get involved in drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes. I love being Mormon, and if I was not Mormon I still wish I would avoid these substances. However, you can't help but get excited about getting knocked out with anesthesia when you have some kind of surgery. It is my only chance to feel a bit loopy and fuzzy inside. Yesterday, I had my chance. I got my wisdom teeth out, and boy was I excited about getting put to sleep. I even told the anesthesia person that I was excited and that I was going to stay awake as long as possible, because I really wanted to just soak this moment in. However, maybe it was just for the best. I like zonked out in less than 10 seconds... and I didn't even get the sleep medicine yet. I fell asleep as soon as they just put in the muscle relaxer. My theory is that I went out so quickly because since my body is all muscle that as soon as they put in muscle relaxer my whole body just went to sleep.

So that is what happened at the dentist. I feel a little let down. I just hope at some point today I can eat because I'm getting so hungry. By the way I need to send a shout out. Who doesn't love Michael Lau? He dropped me off, picked me up, got my medication, made sure I followed the dentist's instructions, made sure I was comfortable, and watched disc 2 of the OC with me. I couldn't ask for a better friend. And Lisha: Thank you so much for the ice cream pops, I can't wait to eat them today and just having you visit made me feel so good inside. And finally my brother Stephen: he got me a bunch of soup and yogurt. I wanted to eat some so badly last night and today, but (gack*) it just hurts too much. Also, thanks for returning Die Hard.


Rebecca said...

Oh I knew we were friends for a reason. That is awesome that you and Mike watched the OC that's what I'd do if I got my wisdom teeth our yesterday. Holla!

Laquina said...

No, no. Thank YOU Richard because I too felt all good inside when I went to see you yesterday because it reminded me that I had not gotten my wisdom teeth out that day and it felt pretty good. It felt almost as good as commenting on your blog while at the library trying to be studious.

Oh.....and you're welcome for the O.C. You must have felt all warm inside during the Chrismakkuh episode. Its so you.

Ryan (winnipeg) said...

They told me to count down from 100 when they started the drip. I made it to 99 then remember saying woah.